Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am bored to tears at work and have already read just about every article on The Onion, so in an attempt to keep myself from falling asleep I've decided to make a list of all my pet peeves just because I'm in a testy mood. Most of them will probably relate to work since that's what has me bored.
1. I hate when people bring in a deposit that's mostly cash and all the money isn't facing the same direction.
2. I hate when people act like it's my fault when they find out their account is overdrawn. Learn basic math and keep up with it yourself!
3. I hate when smelly old men prop their elbows on the sides of my teller window so that their armpits radiate stink directly at my nose.
4. I hate when aforementioned smelly old men try to make me laugh at their stupid jokes.
5. I hate when people come to my window while on the phone and look at me as if I'm the rudest person on the planet for interupting their call with silly questions regarding their transaction. It is absolutely unacceptable that I am not a mind reader.
6. I hate when people expect me to fill out their deposit slips and withdrawal slips for them just because they don't know their account numbers.
7. I hate when people hold up the line because they don't have all of their stuff together.
8. I hate when people breathe heavily.
9. I hate the stupid tracphone commercial with the violin music that plays on a loop all day on Walmart's tvs.
10. I hate the flickering light above register 11.
11. I hate how cold our break room always is. (I'm using the word room loosely. It's more like a closet.)
12. I hate when my cheerful greeting of "Good Morning! How are you?" is met by stony silence.
13. I hate when people assume I know all of Walmart's policies and proceedures simply because the branch of the bank that I work at happens to be located inside Walmart.
14. I hate when my coworkers decide to let it be Andra-work-by-herself-day and all disappear into the back to gossip.
15. I hate when I have to resort to making lists of things that I hate to keep myself occupied.