Thursday, September 24, 2009

Remember Me?

So I ran out of ways to waste time on the Internet earlier, so I decided I'd read my mom's blog because I hadn't in a while. When the page came up, I looked at the list of blogs she reads and noticed that I have apparently not posted in 2 months. That is kind of a long time, and I know you must all be dying to hear from me, so I figured I should probably come up with something to post about, so I am going to share with you all one reason why you should not leave your thermostat set to 50 over the weekend.

My best friend, my roommate, and I went to Ft. Walton Beach last weekend. I was the last to be done with all of my Friday obligations, so the other two loaded up the car so we'd be ready to leave as soon as I was ready. Apparently, they got hot while carrying stuff out because the air conditioner got turned way down. I didn't notice when I came in because I'd just had to trek all the way across campus and I didn't stay in the room long anyway.

Well after several incidents and much giggling on the way, we made it to the house we were staying at in Ft. Walton and did the whole beach thing. The weather was kind of questionable the whole time and we ended up having to leave early on our one beach day, but all in all the trip was still a blast.

And speaking of blasts...when we finally made it back to school, and got all of our suitcases and coolers lugged upstairs to our room, we opened the door and a blast of cold air smacked us in the face. This is when Morgan remembered she had set the air before we left. It had been running on 50 for 2 days straight. It was so cold, condensation had started to form on the inside of the light above my bed. It eventually started leaking out of one end and had made a wet spot on the floor. We set a cup underneath it and after about an hour of dripping, this is what we had collected. The moral of the story is, don't turn your air conditioner down as far as it will go and then leave for several days. You end up with icky light fixture water.