Monday, June 25, 2012

I Do!

I have now been married for over a month and have yet to show you lovely people how all the stuff I made for my wedding turned out on the day of (not completely my fault though--we've been without internet until yesterday).  The week leading up to the wedding was incredibly chaotic, so I didn't get to post as much of the preparation process as I was intending, but here are a few pictures of how it all turned out:

I made these two wreaths for the front doors of the church by wrapping a strip of burlap around a styrofoam  wreath. I had a few silk orchids leftover from reception centerpieces that I decorated them with, and I used twine to attach letters that I found at Hobby Lobby and painted (with help from my groom--he did the R).

I made this sign by printing out the text on typing paper and just tracing the letters onto burlap with maroon paint. The top is folded over a dowel rod and it's hanging from more twine.

Here are those family wedding pictures I was so excited about. My family is the on the left, his is on the right, and the picture in the middle is him proposing.  The banner I made from triangles I cut out of burlap and painted. The quilt on the table was made by my mom's grandmother.

To decorate the pews, my mom made tons of burlap roses that we attached to streamers.

I found this arch at Hobby Lobby and it turned out to be the perfect size to hang a wedding ring pattern quilt that my dad's great grandmother made. The only other decorations at the front of the church were those massive ferns that a wonderful church member gave to us.

Here we all are, post ceremony.

Now on to the reception.  My mom made all the paper lanterns, and I made the flower arrangements and the table runners.  The venue doesn't allow real flowers, unless they are done by a licensed florist, so I stocked up on silk orchids from Hobby Lobby (that store is a bride's best friend!). When the caterer was bringing in the centerpieces to set up, they almost didn't let her bring the flowers in because they thought they were real. I guess I did a good job picking life like ones!

 This is my bouquet. I loved it! The florist did such a good job! (I didn't trust myself with this one.) It's wrapped in a handkerchief that belonged to my great grandma (my something old) and pinned with a cameo that was also a great grandma's (my something blue).

Here's my beautiful and delicious cake. It was originally going to have real orchids on it, but the community center wouldn't let the caterer bring them in. Luckily she's amazing and always prepared and had some silk back ups.

This is the groom's table. His cake was a Mississippi State cowbell (also delicious). I made the flower arrangement by putting a block of floral foam in the bottom of a dog bowl and arranging the same flowers I used on the rest of the tables in it. The bowl was placed in the top of a vase that had dog bones at the bottom and a cowbell on top of them.

Here's a shot of that garter I made in action.

 And this is me with me handsome groom. 

 The whole day was perfect, and I had a blast. 

 Now I'm trying to figure out this whole marriage thing and enjoying each and every day with my wonderful husband.