Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spoons 'n Ukes

I didn't get in bed until after 1:00, yet here I am at 7:17, already finished with my regular internet pass times so you know I've been up for a while. I moved back to Starkville yesterday. My bed was apparently not as happy with this as I would've thought and welcomed me back with zero sleep. Since I'm up anyway, I'll bore you with a little of the happenings in my world recently.

I have lost my spoon ring...again. I know I had it Saturday, and I know I didn't have it Sunday. I'm at a loss as to where it might have gotten to between those days. Maybe it was tired of living life being called a spoon but never being used for food consumption, so it ran away. Or maybe I just dropped it and it rolled under my bed and it's living it up with the dust bunnies. In either case, I feel truly bereft without it.

My mother got a ukulele for her birthday back in May, so all summer I've been messing around with it. Since I'm back in Starkville now and figured she probably wouldn't appreciate it if I took it with me, so I bought my own. I am very excited and fully expect to be the next Israel Kamakawiwo'ole except for the fact that I am not a very large Polynesian man.

I will now combine the subjects of the last two paragraphs into one snazzy picture.

I miss you dearly, spoon ring. Hopefully our paths will cross again one day soon. My finger feels naked without you.