Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Invitations

Ryan and I were wandering around in Michael's one day (How lucky am I that my fiance will peruse craft stores with me?) and I saw a wedding invitation kit that I really liked. I decided to hold off getting it in case I saw something I liked better elsewhere. This was probably a mistake. If there's one thing I've learned from the planning process, shopping around on everything is not entirely necessary. The more options you have, the more confused you tend to get. If you see something that you like, your fiance likes, and whoever is paying for the wedding is okay with the price, just get it. Save yourself headache and stop looking. By the time I decided that I wanted to go with those invitations, my local Michael's store didn't have any. I found the spot on the shelf that they were supposed to go, but that's it. I looked up store locations and realized that there was another one not far from the one that had failed me. I drove there and managed to find four boxes of them by digging around behind another style that was shelved wrong. I needed five boxes, but I went ahead and bought the four, then convinced Ryan, who has to drive by 2 other Michael's stores on his way home from work, to go by them in search of one more box. He managed to get the very last one in the store! (I knew I was marrying him for a reason.)

Once I had the supplies, then came the fun part--wrestling with my printer again. I figured that after all the issues I had doing save the dates that surely they would all be smoothed out and printing invitations would be a breeze. Wrong. Somehow the driver had deleted itself from my computer, so it wouldn't recognize the printer when I plugged it in. I tried using my mom's computer instead, but she has Open Office instead of Microsoft Word, so the template wouldn't translate. I managed to download a new driver after much searching, and eventually got the invitations and RSVP cards all printed.

Then I stuck address labels that my lovely mother made on the RSVP card envelopes.

And assembled everything in the cute little folders the kit came with.

And tied what felt like a billion little pieces of string around each folder, so they can be stuffed in envelopes and put in the mail.

It's a tedious process, but I love how they turned out! I can't wait for guests to start getting them!

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Mississippi Girl said...

I'm excited to get mine! Also I love that you're blogging all this. I'm taking notes, btw.