Monday, May 7, 2012

The Family

I think one of the most important things about your wedding day is to honor the family that raised you and set the example of what marriage should be. Ryan and I are both blessed to come from families with great track records of successful marriages. I wanted to showcase this somehow, so I decided to set up family wedding pictures in the foyer of the church, with a picture of Ryan and me in the center. I haven't seen his family's set of pictures yet, but here are the ones I'm using.

On the left are my mom's parents, center are my parents, and right are my dad's parents. Both of my mom's parents as well as my dad's dad have passed away, so I'm really glad that in a small way they'll still be a part of my wedding day.

Another way I want to honor my family with pictures is to recreate some of my favorites from our parents' weddings. There's this great picture of my Grandma Sandra (doesn't she look like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday?) in front of a mirror all dressed for her wedding. 

My mom (who wore the same dress) took one like it, too. I want to continue the tradition of the mirror picture on my wedding day, even though I'm quite a bit taller than either of them and therefore can't wear the same dress!

My favorite picture of Ryan's parents on their wedding day was taken in the car on the way to their reception. Don't they look happy and in love? I want a happy, cheek kissy picture too!

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