Monday, May 7, 2012

The Table runners

Get excited for another wedding project post!!!

I ordered some personalized beverage napkins from The Knot and decided to incorporate the design on them into the design for my table runners.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the font they used for the K, so I went back to the website, made another napkin with the same K on it, only black with a white background this time, previewed the napkin, saved the preview image, cropped it so it cut out the rest of the napkin and I was just left with the K, blew that up, and printed it out. That sounds like it was a lot more complicated than it actually was. Anyway, as you can imagine (and also see because there's a picture!), my K was super pixely from all the enlarging, so I just went around the edges with a marker.

My mom then traced my pixely, markered K onto a sheet of plastic and used an X-Acto knife to cut out a stencil for me (This picture is after it's been tested once, because I didn't think to take pictures during the actual process. It's easier to see this way though.)

I'm using burlap for the table runners and some of the other decorations (which I'll also post pictures of once I figure out exactly what I'm doing and start working on them!), so we just ordered a big roll of it.

I wasn't exactly sure how the paint was going to work out on the burlap, so I tested it on a small piece, rather than messing up a whole table runner if it didn't turn out the way I wanted.

And voila! A nice clean, crisp K was waiting for me underneath the stencil! (Isn't pulling off a messy stencil to reveal the polished image underneath just about the most satisfying feeling?) I'm excited to start with the actual table runners!

P.S. I thought I had this scheduled to post one day last week. Apparently I did not. The table runners are now done. Here's a picture of them chilling on the back of a rocking chair in my living room. To make them, I just cut out 7 ft pieces of burlap from my roll and stenciled my K on either end. Easy peasy!

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